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Structural and Construction Timber 

These products  are achieved through sawing round timber individually or in groups (depending on the number of saws working simultaneously). Sawn timber comes in two standards: unedged timber (with two parallel surfaces machined, while two sides remain unfinished) and square edged timber (with four planed surfaces and grained ends)


  • square timber, pine logs, planks 70x140, 80x160, 70x70, 80x80, 100x100, 120x120, 140x140, 160x160, 50x100, 50x150, 50x180, 50x200, 50x250, other sizes and roof framing components made to order
  • battens 50x40, 25x50
  • boards: 22 mm, 25 mm (1"), 32 mm, 40mm (different widths)
  • timber props 3 and 4 m long and heavy duty "mine" props
  • square timber, logs 47x150, 63x150
  • planed timber 38x89, 38x140, 41x121, 45x120, 45x245, 48x98, 48x147, 48x223, 58x120, 70x145
  • planed battens (seasoned)28x28, 40x60,46x46,60x60, 75x75, 80x80, 95x95, 100x100
  • boards 32/150, 32/200, planed boards 18x90,19x95, 19x140, 21x120, 21x145, 21x195, 28x120 (larch), 28x155
  • KVH (made to order)
  • BSH glued laminated timber (made to order)
  • Edged pine board (seasoned) 25 mm thick Grade I
  • unedged pine logs (seasoned) 50 mm thick Grade I & II
  • unedged oak logs 50 mm thick, Grade I & II

Soffit panelling is used in order to seal the underside of the eaves of a roof  from vermin and weather as well as provide it with a decorative finish. The soffit covers up the roof framing elements and offers a convenient way to install additional lighting around the house.
Eaves - the lower edge of a roof which overhangs the wall and is particularly vulnerable to weather conditions.

TypeThickness [mm]Width [mm]Length [m]
Spruce Soffit12-1994-1462-4,5
Pine Soffit12-1994-1462-4,5

Solid wood panelling is a great decorative solution as a cladding material for both interior and exterior use. Wood panels provide superior acoustic insulation (by reducing noise coming from the outside) and thermal insulation (helping maintain temperatures in buildings). It is also a great decorative solution used in interior decoration. When installed carefully, solid wood panelling offers ellegance to the interior. Natural wood is invaluable for home decoration as it is a classic design solution that will enjoy a long appreciated lifespan and give any space a warm and cosy feel.

TypeThickness [mm]Width [mm]Length [m]
Spruce panelling16-25121, 125, 1352-4,5
Pine panelling16-25121, 125, 1352-4,5
Larch panelling16-25121, 125, 1352-4,5

Solid wood floors offer superior thermal and acoustic insulation and are known for their superior strength and durability.  Properly installed, they will perform very well for decades offering easy maintenance and an allergen-free environment. Whether rustic or modern, solid wood flooring suits all interior styles.

When degraded by wear and tear over time, a solid wood floor can be sanded and refinished to make it look refreshed and vibrant once again. The comeback of solid wood floors is not just a whim of interior decorators, but rather due to the usability and durability of wood as a flooring material.

TypeThickness [mm]Width [mm]Length [m]
Pine flooring, tongue and groove, four sides planed28-35110, 130, 1703-5

Railway sleepers are designed to transfer the rolling stock loads from rails to the track ballast and hold the rails to the correct gauge.
Timber sleepers offer numerous advantages including excellent electric insulation and demonstrate superior vibration damping properties, for which reason they are widely used in civil engineering structures (bridges, overpasses, etc.) They are also used for small radius curves (under 250m) and steep gradients.
We stock a range of new and used, hardwood and softwood sleepers, both treated or untreated, which we supply to individual and corporate customers in Poland and across Europe.

Roof framing is a timber roof structure, which supports the roof covering.
The timber used for the frame performs very important functions. Clad on all sides, it transfers considerable loads and is exposed to extreme conditions: heated from the inside (and outside in summer) and cooled from the outside. The temperature difference sometimes reaches 50oC and more.
All roof frames are tailor made to the customer's exact specification. If you have already purchased your timber, we can treat it for you.

A Batten is a strip of solid timber, rectangular in cross section, used in roof construction to provide the fixing point for roof tiles. With full roof boarding, counter-battens are sometimes used, installed at a right angle to battens.

TypeThickness [mm]Width [mm]Length [m]

A counter-batten  is a strip of square timber which is nailed onto a rafter to provide some distance between a breather membrane and a batten. Counter-battens allow the water penetrating under the tiles to flow down the breather membrane without any obstacles, such as battens fixed directly to rafters. It also provides the necessary ventilation space for the roof covering.

TypeThickness [mm]Width [mm]Length [m]

A rafter - is a structural element of a timber roof framing, one of the sloping beams that support a pitched roof. Rafters are placed parallel to each other at even spacing of 90cm to even 120cm (with larger rafter cross sections)

TypeThickness [mm]Width [mm]Length [m]

Used as decorative elements in a variety of applications, including door and window frames, wall decorations, flooring trim, sliding door systems, etc.

TypeWidth [mm]Height [mm]Length [m]
Skirting boardto 40204
Concave quarter-round25254
Bench board30-60204
Rounded strip1574
Detail quarter round15254
Smooth quarter-round15204
+ other mouldings (made to customer's specifications)

28mm x 125mm grooved decking made ​​of larch, pine and spruce. Different board lengths are available at customer request.

Grooved decking boards are a great decoration of each patio. They are also a great alternative to ceramic tiles. The advantages of wood as a decking material include lightweight structure, sensuous feel of wood underfoot, long-term durability, easy maintenance and high usability.

The grooves are used not only for decoration, but also for practical reasons, such us providing easy draining and a non-slippery surface.

TypeThickness [mm]Width [mm]Length [m]
Larch, spruce, pine281252-5

Wood-based Products 

Particle board is an engineered wood product manufactured by pressing wood chips and a suitable binder. Raw particle board is used for structural purposes. However it can be made more attractive by using veneers or laminates.
Applications of raw and clad particle board in the furniture and building industries
a) furniture industry:
   raw: upholstered furniture;
   clad: box furniture, kitchen furniture, worktops
b) building industry:
     raw: building woodwork (partition walls, subflooring, ceiling), doors, insulation material
     clad: postformed worktops, window sills, wall and floor panelling.

TypeThickness [mm]Sheet Size [mm]Sheet Size [mm]
Raw particle board12-282800 x 20702500x1830
Clad particle board12-282500x18302500x1830

Easy machining (uniform in all directions), dimensional stability, favourable weight-to-strength ratio. Hygiene Class E1.

Plywood is a type of glued timber product made up of  an odd number of layers called veneers, each 1.5 to 2.5 thick, with adjacent plies having their grain at right angles to each other. Its advantages include a high strength-to-weight ratio, dimensional stability and, above all, high insulation value. Depending on the bonding material used, there are two key plywood types: exterior (water resistant) and interior (for dry conditions).

TypeThickness [mm]Width[mm]Length [mm]
Softwood exterior and interior plywood4-3012502500
Hardwood exterior and interior plywood4-3025002500
Formwork plywood2112502500
Non-slip plywood6,5-3012502500
Other sizes and types available upon request


  • boatbuilding
  • motor industry
  • building industry
  • packaging industry
  • playgrounds
  • furniture industry
  • platforms, flooring
  • die cutting boards
  • decorations & accessories
  • toys
  • sports equipment
  • formwork
  • formwork systems
  • manufacture of prefab concrete elements
  • packaging industry
  • joinery & cabinet making

Fibreboard is an engineered wood-based product formed by breaking down wood residuals into wood fibres, combining them with a resin binder and forming panels by applying temperature and (normal or increased) pressure. The fibres are oriented in all directions, giving fibreboard uniform quality and strength parameters regardless of the direction of loads applied. Thanks to the manufacturing process involving high temperature pressing, its structure is very compact.
Fibreboard types:
- hard fibreboard (T) - pressed and temperature hardened
- porous fibreboard P - unprocessed

TypeThickness [mm]Sheet Size [mm]Sheet Size [mm]
Hard particle board2-61220x 24001220x2750
Porous particle board6-191220x 24001220x2750


  • furniture making (rear walls and drawer bottoms)
  • housing joinery (doors, cladding, partitions)
  • packaging - timber trim, e.g. mirror and painting rear panels
  • building industry as an acoustic/thermal insulation material for walls, floors and roofs

Due to its superior air moisture resistance, low water absorbability and swelling, oriented strand board (OSB) lends itself ideally to constructing timber frame buildings. Its superior strength parameters guarantee an adequately stiff and resistant building structure. OSB board is a wood-based material of the future. High quality, very low environmental impact, both in production and use, as well as its versatility are but a few advantages offered by OSB.

DimensionsThickness [mm]Board Size [mm]Board Size [mm]
16-251220x 24401250x2500


  • roof coverings
  • interior and exterior walls
  • subflooring
  • structural elements: girders, I-beams, roof trusses
  • floor structures
  • structural elements: girders, I-beams, roof trusses
  • floor structures

Woodchips are wood particles of several millimetres to several centimetres in size which are a by-product of timber milling and chipping. We are able to supply unseasoned (40-60% moisture content) and seasoned (6-12% moisture content) woodchips
Collection: own transport; for larger orders we are able to provide our company transport.


  • material for fibreboard and particle board production
  • cellulose production
  • eco fuel
  • briquette and pellet production


  • weed protection
  • preventing soils from overdrying
  • protecting soils against temperature changes 
  • they have a natural pH value

Sawdust is a by-product to sawmilling and machining wood (sawing, moulding, shredding, planing, turning, etc.), which constitutes around 10% of the timber mass processed at the sawmill. Due to its high level of purity sawdust is suitable for further industrial processing. Our sawdust is specially selected containing no impurities such as gravel, sand, etc. We are also able to supply dry coniferous sawdust (95% pine).


  • eco fuel for biomass furnaces
  • building ceramics production
  • wood granulate production
  • garden mulch
  • briquette and pellet production
  • particle board manufacture
  • fuel in heating systems

Offcuts are a by-product to machine cutting and moulding processes.


  • length 30-50 cm (cut to order);
  • type: birch, beech;
  • packed in special bins for easy transportation.

Bark is used mainly in gardening for decorating green areas and gardens. It provides a great weed control and soil aeration solution and helps prevent soil from overdrying and protect against temperature fluctuations. Pine bark is ideal for mulching, as it helps control weed growth, prevents the upper soil layer from drying out under conifers and provides for excellent water storage in the summer. With bark lining, your shrubbery will be able to handle spring ground frost and cold winter weather more efficiently and will grow stronger and healthier, as bark prevents certain fungi from growing.

Garden furniture 

Timber pergolas are decorative garden features providing an interesting way to arrange your garden or its part. Pergolas can be an attractive support for vines and roses. If none of our pergola designs meets your requirements, you can order one made to your own design. Choose the size and spacing for your posts and support cross-beams.

Straight, timber lattices made of treated spruce are used as support structures for climbing plants, such as clematis or ivies. The lend themselves as openwork fencing or partitions as well as pergola/summerhouse components. Our lattices are built to high quality standards and are chemically treated  to perform well for many years.

Our pickets are made exclusively of well seasoned and treated timber to prevent them from cracking and/or warping as well as ensure the durability of the lacquer coatings and maintenance free performance for many years. We have a number of tried and tested suppliers who deliver top quality timber which is then carefully selected and treated to manufacture high standard pickets.

Sawmill services 

Structural timber used in construction nowadays should not only be adequately seasoned but also protected against moisture, biological factors and fire.
Wood treatment involves the application of chemical preservatives allowing them to  penetrate into the wood cells to protect it against moisture, fungus, insects, etc. while also improving its fire resistance properties.
In the soaking method (wood immersed in preservative) the high moisture levels are conducive to saturating the wood with preservative as its penetration is achieved through diffusion, i.e. by equalising solution concentrations. The longer the wood is submerged in preservative the higher the level of its saturation with preservative.
Timber treated adequately to withstand potential impacts, is a practically indestructible material. Proper preservation is the only sure way to ensure that timber will perform well for decades. And garden furniture, usually exposed to direct weather conditions, is bound to suffer from all such risks.

Wood seasoning is one of the most common processes in the timber industry which, if carried out properly, ensures high quality material. What are the risks involved in using structural timber with excess (very high) moisture content? Such timber has inferior strength parameters. After drying, it has reduced cross-sectional area and ends up with lower loading strength than is required by the original structural design and is prone to cracking and warping. It also susceptible to mould and fungus growth and, consequently rotting. Seasoning is leads to reduced cracking or, alternatively, to induce it so that the items which demonstrate excessive cracking can be classified as unfit for structural purposes and used as material for making smaller items.

As far as our technological capabilities and equipment allow, we provide bespoke planing, cutting and trimming services.


TypeLenght [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Capacity [kg]
One-way pallet8001200120400
Euro pallet80012001441500
Industrial pallet100012001621250
Otherto order

Raw wood 

Our raw wood comes exclusively from forests certified by the international organization FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). FSC requirements aim to reconcile the economic functions of forests with the interests of local communities and nature conservation.

Length categoriesTypePrice
Full-tree, bucked,  cut-to-length logspine, larch, spruceThe price depends on the diameter and the technical condition of the lot.


Disposable, Euro type, industrial, others


Sawmill services

Wood treatment, wood seasoning, planing & cutting


Garden Furniture

Pergolas & Lattices, picket fencing


Wood-based products

Firewood, sawdust, OSB, plywood


Construction and building timber

construction and building, i.e. trusses, rafters, battens


Raw wood

Logs, logs, chippings